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“I’d highly recommend The Change Academy to companies looking to create high functioning leadership teams - whether it’s an experienced team looking for a refresher, a new team looking to create some harmony and cohesiveness, or a set of new managers looking to upskill”
David Sequiera, Managing Director, Global Marketing Intelligence organisation
Sarah Partridge, Founder and Director of The Change Academy

In a world perpetually in flux, where the only constant is change itself, The Change Academy equips your people with the compass and map to chart their own course. Founded by Sarah Partridge, a seasoned navigator of both corporate boardrooms and creative environments, our transformational programmes are a sanctuary for those seeking to not just survive, but thrive in the ever-shifting landscape.

Sarah brings a wealth of leadership experience to programme design, after two decades of working as a Marketing Director in major record labels followed by several years as Head of Strategy for a large premium automotive company, she learned very quickly to decipher the leadership code. As a result Sarah leverages her extensive c-suite experience as a strategist, coach, and marketer to ensure The Change Academy deliver programmes that provide leaders and organisations with long-term, tangible benefit.


The Change Academy was built on a bold truth: growth only happens when you leap beyond your comfort zone. That's why our learning thrives on gentle nudges and unwavering support, powered by Sarah's real-world leadership expertise.  From agile startups to large corporations, we empower organisations to reimagine leadership, nurture wellbeing, and craft game-changing strategies.

We consistently strive to spark a ripple effect beyond the training room by meticulously designing journeys with interwoven touchpoints, proven to ignite sustainable behaviour shifts.

coaching and training programme for female talent

Our Expert Team

Our clients' journeys to meaningful change are guided by the combined expertise of our diverse network of facilitators, coaches, and behavioural scientists;

Our Guiding Principles

strategy training for leaders


Our credibility in the leadership space is what sets us apart. We're your down-to-earth partners, leadership veterans who speak your language, whether it's boardroom strategy or pub banter. Our diverse network of facilitators, coaches, strategists and designers bring knowledge and expertise to spark meaningful change. Together, we craft solutions as unique as your business..

leadership coaching


We believe wholeheartedly that thriving in the future demands shared responsibility. We're passionate about helping you build a culture that empowers you, your people, and the planet. It's not just what your employees and customers expect - it's the foundation for sustained success.

strategic coaching and strategy facilitation


Forget simply teaching what to change; we empower your people to be the change. We believe in equipping employees with the psychological tools and self-belief to take ownership of their transformation journey. Our solutions unlock their inner potential, turning passive learners into active changemakers who shape their own paths to success

creativity coaching


We have mastered the art of unraveling complexity. We've learned to break down even the most intricate psychological theories and intricate strategies into bite-sized, easily understood nuggets that deliver maximum impact. Our engaging and powerful training, consulting, and coaching solutions are proof that simplicity is the key to unlocking exceptional results.

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