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Strategy Development

Sustainable, long-term business growth needs more than a smart strategy. It needs a plan that's visionary, creative and inspires the people that make it happen.

The Change Academy will design strategy conversations that resonate, drawing out the best ideas and creative energy from your people. Whether it's the annual strategy event or a targeted business challenge, we guide you through the process, ensuring impactful outcomes at every turn. Need to pivot in a specific area? We provide targeted stimulus and support, helping your leaders turn roadblocks into stepping stones.

Forget just playing the game – we equip you to win it.

Why is having a clear strategy important?

Research undertaken by Harvard Business Review suggests that 85% of executive leadership teams spend less than one hour per month discussing strategy, and 50% spend no time at all. Also, on average, 95% of a company’s employees don’t understand its strategy. It’s no surprise then, that 90% percent of businesses fail to achieve their strategic ambitions.

At The Change Academy, our expertise in Strategy Development will support your Strategic Planning – an on-going process to clarify your intended direction, prioritise your focus and align your resources and employees towards your goals.


The Change Academy strategy support

Strategic Planning done the right way will support the development of a clear and compelling vision that will inspire and mobilise your people. It will help you to examine the external & competitive landscape in which you operate, understand how to add value to your customers as well as instigate a process to track your progress based on strategic goals. 

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