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Coaching journey

For organisations seeking transformative leadership development with lasting impact, one-to-one coaching is the cornerstone of all our programmes.

"The support I've received from Sarah and The Change Academy has been fantastic and has really helped me to achieve my personal goals. This whole process has empowered me to change my future and these sessions have been invaluable to develop myself as an individual. Thank you so much Sarah for the support you've given me so far!"

Tom, Senior Manager, BMW Group UK

flying high in a successful career

One to one executive coaching is a solution-focused, collaborative process that fosters profound self-awareness, enabling leaders to delve into their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, and values.


The Change Academy leverages a diverse toolkit of psychometrics, coaching techniques, and specialized practices to empower individuals towards enhanced emotional intelligence.


Beyond immediate knowledge acquisition, our coaching sessions prioritize dedicated reflection time, ensuring the effective integration of newly acquired tools and techniques into daily leadership practice.

Our Coaching Support

At The Change Academy, we strongly believe in the transformative power of coaching. We design impactful coaching programs, individually or in bespoke packages, to ignite lasting change within your people, and drive your organisational growth.

Free your mind

Executive Coaching

One-on-one coaching offers your leaders a dedicated and confidential space to step back, reflect, and explore. Working with one of our experienced coaches, they will have the opportunity to delve into critical work issues, unlocking greater self-knowledge and honing essential leadership qualities like emotional intelligence, humility, and self-assuredness. This dynamic process fosters personal growth and equips them to lead with newfound focus and impact.

Your career strategy

Strategic Coaching

In today's VUCA world, its imperative that your top talent have sharp strategic skills to navigate today's complex business landscape. Our intensive 1:1 coaching program, led by experienced strategist and coach Sarah Partridge, delivers focused coaching and personalised guidance to transform your leaders into confident, decisive decision-makers.

Our programme includes 6 impactful sessions tailored to each leaders unique needs and challenges

become the leader you were meant to be

Group Coaching

Forget siloed leaders tackling problems alone. We harness the power of action learning in our group coaching sessions, creating a dynamic environment for real-world problem-solving, peer-to-peer feedback, and collective skill development. Leaders leave equipped with coherent actions, concrete strategies, strengthened relationships and a wider, more holistic understanding of the business they are part of.

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