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Package 1
Mental fitness

1.1 Super-Power Your Thinking 

1.2 Develop A Strong Mindset

1.3 Sharpen Your Focus

1.4 Form Powerful Habits

Our Mental Fitness Package provides the foundation for all our wellbeing training. We belive that mindset is everything, so this package primes your people to maximise their open-ness to change. The techniques taught in these workshops are based on the psychology of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Meta-Cognitive Therapy, Flow States, Growth Mindset, Locus of Control and Habit Formation to enable impactful transformation in minimal time.


Package 2
Emotional Alignment

2.1 Find Your Purpose

2.2 Align With Your Values

2.3 Align With Your Strengths

2.4 Develop Your Motivation 

Physical Resilience.png

Package 3
Physical Resilience

3.1 Sleep & Rest

3.2 Healthy Consumption

3.2 Movement

Package 4
1-2-1 Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching Programmes for Managers and Leaders

Learn to challenge & manage negative thoughts

Build Confidence

The Change Academy Model of Optimum Wellbeing

TCA model V2.png
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