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Positive Psychology

Positive Psychology in its most basic form refers to what we want for ourselves and our world. We want to feel good, we want to have close relationships with our family and friends. We want to use our unique abilities in ways that help us succeed and make the world a better place. We want our lives to have meaning.


Positive Psychology uses scientific methods to study these topics to try to understand what makes us flourish and to identify concrete steps we can take to increase our wellbeing. Up until year 2000, psychology traditionally focussed on the study and treatment of mental illness, that is what we don't want in our life. Positive Psychology is based on the fundamental insight that treating mental illness is not the same thing as promoting mental health. Getting rid of what we don't want in our lives does not automatically bring what we want.


Positive Psychology refers to things we value, such as joy, courage, love, optimism, altruism, creativity and peace - and these things don’t automatically come by fighting against things like anxiety, fear, selfishness, boredom and hatred. They have to be cultivated and nurtured. The Change Academy uses tools and techniques derived from this important field of study to help your talent, your teams and your organisation to thrive.

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